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Stories That Terrell Shelley Told Me

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Excerpt from the Foreward by Frank DuBois

...And make no mistake the current dat descendants of Peter Shelley have the same knack of bringing excitement to whatever events they encounter. For instance, there is Tissy Shelley (Miss Rodeo America, 1963 and World Champion Barrel Racer, 1970) who beat the hell out of a rent-a-cop at a rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada who refused to let her enter the contestants' section and in the process had knocked a tooth out of her three-year-old son. Then there is Terrell himself, who slipped on some ice and slid right in between his pack of dogs and the lion they had treed, with the lion promptly biting down on his leggings. Ashurst has the talent to place you right there staring into the face of that lion. 

My advice is to put your foot in the stirrup, swing up in the saddle, enjoy tyour ride into the history of the Shelley family and experience the Real West as told by a master storyteller. 

Book Written by Ed Ashurst