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Leather Flower Earrings

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Trio of leather flowers with Metal centers (Metal Varies) and post backs. Sold on card with Trio as pictured. Details below and picture below to see size reference. 

Card #1 Bronze Metallic, RoseGold Metallic & Gold Metallic earrings

Card #2 Cream, Buttermilk & Tan earrings

Card #3 Parliament Evergreen, Juniper Diablo & Agave Allure earrings

Card #4 Purple, Lilac, & Lavender earrings

Card #5 Turquoise Metallic, Lilac Metallic, Purple Metallic earrings

Card #6 Acorn Diablo, Fudge Diablo & Black Diablo earrings

Card #7 Bright Turquoise, Ocean Blue Absolute, Indigo Diablo earrings 

Card #8 Light Pink, Blush & Fucsia  earrings

Card #9 Light Pink Metallic, Hot Pink Metallic & Red Metallic earrings

Card #10 Dark Grey, Light Grey & Olive earrings

Card #11 Turquoise, Aqua & Peachy Coral earrings

Card #12 Red, Darkish Orange & Mustard