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Blue Toned Scarf Ties

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These have Acorn/Brown or Mustard leather strips through the center to attach them!

1. Agave/Teal Toned with Hot Pink 

2. Sea Blue with Light Blue center

3. Agave/Dark Teal Toned with Dusty Turquoise 

4. Olive Green with Dark Grey center

5. Agave/Teal Toned

6. Dusty Turquoise with Green center

7. Light Blue with Olive Green center

8. Dark Agave/Teal with Olive Green center

9. Dark Agave/Teal with Juniper center

10. Light Blue with Mustard center

11. Agave/Dark Teal Toned with Light Pink center 

12. Agave/ Dark Teal Toned

13. Dusty Turquoise with Juniper center

14. Dusty Turquoise with Juniper and Evergreen center

15. Aqua with Mustard and Red center

16. Coral with Turquoise, Mustard and Cream center

17. Aqua with RoseGold center