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Extra Large Hatpins

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Extra Large Hat Pins are approximately 6.5" across! Please choose which flower below! 

A - Juniper/teal with Lilac, Light Pink & Hot Pink

B - Juniper with Yellow

C - Teal, Deep Teal and Agave with Mustard 

D - Grey/Green tones

E - Jumpier and Teal/Agave toned with Hot Pink

F - Grey/Green tones

G - Aqua with Gold and Mustard

H - Agave with Teal, green & Blush

I - Deep Purple with Wine Red & Cream

J - Assorted Green Tones

K - White & Black

L - Shiny Dark Purple with Shiny Light Purple and White

M - Assorted Purple Tones

N - Juniper, Sky Blue & Cream

O - Sky Blue with Lilac & Coral

P - White with Deep shimmery Teal